Nucleus SiteCheck
Better than a Magento Code Audit

Nucleus Support provides a SiteCheck service to help answer these critical questions for merchants on the Magento platform. Nucleus Support provides a full report with a prioritized list of findings to bring any site up to speed without the high cost of a full code audit.

Have you asked yourself these questions?
The Nucleus SiteCheck report covers:
Any Core Changes
Finding Malware
Identifying Missing Security Patches
Other security recommendations
Custom Code Quality Check
Custom Files Check
Reviewing Installed Extensions
Performance Issues
Magento Log Review
API Usage
Caching Optimizations
Reviewing Cron Job Configuration
What does SiteCheck look like?

You can download our sample SiteCheck to get an idea of the depth of detail we gather on your Magento website.

Download Sample SiteCheck

(pdf 1.8 MB)

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