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How much for my Magento task?

Wondering how these rates would translate to the Magento development support you need for your online store? Nucleus Support can typically address common support needs as follows.

Magento Support Request Typical Cost What Nucleus Support Provides

Extension Install

$300-$600 Installation and configuration of the extension.

Extension Upgrade

$300-$600 Upgrades to the extension with review to ensure it still operates as needed. Can also include consult with the vendor on your behalf.

Customize Existing Extension

$600-$900 Customization of off-the-shelf Magento extensions to fit your needs.

Theme changes

$150-$300 Modification to your existing theme including various tweak or additional features.

Spam Prevention

$300-$600 Implementation of honey pots or reCAPTCHA software to prevent Spam through common attack avenues.

SSL Setup/Renewal

$600-$900 Setup of new SSL or renewal of an existing SSL chain.

Latest Patch M1

$600 Patching your Magento install to the latest patch.

Compromise cleanup

$750-$1100 With access to your site, we review for Malware and then scrub the Malware providing a clean site.

Malware scan

$300 Review of your site for standard Malware. NOTE: This is recommended every 60-90 days. Or if suspicious activity has been seen on your site.

Code Audit

$750-$1500 A review of custom code to ensure quality standards have been followed. The audit can range in price based on the size of your site.

Site Audit

$2500.00 and up Nucleus Support provides a SiteCheck service to help answer these critical questions for merchants on the Magento platform. Nucleus Support provides a full report with a prioritized list of findings to bring any site up to speed without the high cost of a full code audit.

Nucleus Support's Magento SiteCheck »

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Are there any other fees associated with services from Nucleus Support?

Nucleus Support offers you two ways to work with us:

Option 1

You have an in-house technical team to apply our changes.

This option means no additional setup fees are needed to work with Nucleus Support. The only costs associated with Nucleus Support services are the pay-as-you-go costs for your support needs.

Option 2

You need Nucleus Support to apply changes for you directly to your site and servers.

If you lack the technical team to apply provided solutions from Nucleus Support, our team will deploy technical best practices when making changes to your site. This includes establishment of a version control repository and installation of files needed to properly manage change deployment for Magento 2 clients. A one-time setup fee for Nucleus Support to directly deploy on your site ranges from $300.00 for Magento 1 to $900.00 for Magento 2.

Services Beyond Magento Support

Need a Magento or eCommerce expert for a discussion?

Need someone to advise you on an ERP decision?

Need someone to talk to your Hosting Provider and provide expert advice?

Have developers who need guidance on Magento?

Need someone to run a Magento 2 Boot Camp?

Outside of Magento support, Nucleus can also provide Magento consultation and expertise when needed.

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