Purpose of Retainers:

The purpose of our Urgent Maintenance Retainer service is to allow us to more quickly handle urgent* matters on the client’s behalf. With a fixed monthly fee, the client will receive 10 hours of work from our developers to be used on Urgent* site issues and we will proactively provide some services each month. Having these banked hours also allows our developers to start fixing a site without the usual back-and-forth communication to get approved time.

Our Preferred Support Retainer service will give our clients all of the benefits of our Urgent Maintenance Retainer plus 10 extra monthly hours and the ability to use that time for non-urgent tickets. Once these hours are used up, the Preferred Support Retainer client will be able to request additional work at a reduced rate.

Retainer info

Nucleus Support offers you two retainer options to work with:

Urgent Maintenance Retainer Preferred Support Retainer

Covers Urgent Issues*

Proactive Malware Scans

Monthly Site Check

Monthly Site Pulse Check

Proactive Magento Patch Application

Urgent* Ticket Guaranteed Response Time

Within 2 Business Hours Within 2 Business Hours

Urgent* Ticket Turnaround Time (TAT)

72 Hours** 72 Hours**

Addresses Non-urgent Needs

Normal Ticket Guaranteed Response Time

Within 8 Business Hours

Normal Ticket Turnaround Time (TAT)

Dependent upon scope of ticket

Pricing for Needs Outside Retainer

Standard rates of $150 per hour and $300 per hour for urgent tickets Preferred Rates of $140 per hour and $275 per hour for urgent tickets

Monthly Hours Provided

10 20

Monthly Fee

$1,000 per month $2,500 per month

Retainer Term

6 Months 6 Months

* Please see "Covered Urgent Issues" section below for the types of urgent issues which qualify for retainer hours usage

** Non-replicable issues or complicated scenarios may require more time to properly address.

Covered Urgent Issues

  • Site Down
  • Compromise
  • Checkout not working
  • Critical Integration Failure (Defined at our discretion)
  • Payment Processing Failure
  • DDOS - Severe Performance Issues

Ticket Examples:

Q: My retainer is out of hours, a patch is released on the 17th of the month. What happens?
A: We create a ticket to install the new patch, but we don’t proceed until we get approval for time.

Q: A non-retainer client opens an urgent ticket and then a retainer client submits an urgent ticket. Who comes first?
A: We will handle this as normal. Whichever ticket came in first will have priority in our system.

Q: As a retainer client, I submit an urgent ticket. The work appears complex and may exceed 10 hours. When will an estimate be provided?
A: We will perform up to 2 hours of work before issuing an estimate and requiring approved time. The purpose of this is to triage the issue and get a better sense for how to resolve it, while minimizing delay in starting work.

Q: As a retainer client, I want to spend my remaining monthly allowance before the month is up. If I submit a ticket at the end of the month, can I guarantee that the hours used will be from the current month's pool of hours?
A: Work will begin work on a ticket within our normal SLAs, so it's possible that a ticket submitted on the last day of the month may not be started until the beginnning of the next month. We use time from the your retainer depending on what month the work was done in.

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