Common Magento Problems
& How to Fix Them

While Magento is considered the world’s #1 commerce platform, even the best solutions have issues. The Nucleus Support team is well-versed in efficiently addressing many common Magento issues. Any of these items can be addressed through our no commitment, pay-as-you-go approach. Set up a call to discuss your needs with a Nucleus Support team member for immediate support today.

Common Items our Magento-Certified Team Addresses Often

Locked out of the Magento admin panel

Lost or forgotten Magento admin password

Magento bug fixes & other Magento errors

Issues with custom functionality


404 Error on Magento

Error Processing your Request on Magento

Site down

Out of storage

Site running slow

Site compromised or hacked

Site hit with malware

Customers can’t check out

Payment gateway not working

Can’t upload pictures

SSL certificate expired

Site showing not secure

Setting up promotions

Setting up shipping rules


Customers aren’t receiving emails

Installing or uninstalling extensions

Installing analytics code

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