The Importance of Magento Security Patches

Since Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms, it is a natural target for hackers to exploit. Keeping on top of the security of your site is extremely important for your store as well as your customer information.

We’ve seen a number of Magento sites get hacked, and the cleanup is rarely simple to do. Keeping your store updated with current patches can help keep you from a disappointing and frustrating situation and keep your customers’ trust and patronage.

What are Patches?

A patch is a piece of software designed to update the computer program or the supporting data to fix or improve it. These usually fix vulnerabilities on your Magento platform and other bugs that may be causing issues on your site.

Difference Between Patches and Upgrades

Patches are meant to address bugs or problems that are in the software. So in Magento's case they might release a patch when bugs to their current software are found. These patches are designed to fix the issue so that it works as it was intended to.

An upgrade, on the other hand, is changing your install to a newer version that will add more features to Magento. So why not wait for an upgrade instead of applying the patches? Upgrading your Magento version is tedious and may take a lot of time as your developer will have to make sure all customizations and extensions are working correctly and are compatible. Upgrades make sense in some situations but not others and it depends on what you’re looking to get out of it as to whether or not the benefits outweigh the costs.

Magento Security Patches

Magento releases patches whenever they find vulnerabilities in the system. Sometimes there are bugs that cause a vulnerability in the security of your site. Magento security patches are the most important kind of patches as they fix those vulnerabilities that can hinder the security of your site and data. It is extremely important to update your site with all latest security patches as soon as possible to make your site more secure.

Why are they Important?

Magento has a lot of built in security features, but in the world of web development new security issues can pop up at any time. That’s why Magento regularly releases security patches to keep your site and data safe. It is always recommended to install each patch as soon as possible because your Magento store can be vulnerable until you do, and a hacker can exploit that vulnerability unless it is fixed.

Not applying the patch can result in your site being on the receiving end of some type of hack that could break it, or even expose your customer data. Many Magento stores have been compromised because of negligence. The cleanup after a compromise is most often more time consuming and expensive to fix than preventing it in the first place.

If you are wondering what patches are missing on your Magento installation, there is a free website tool that will scan your site to see if it is up to date with security patches:

How Do You Install Patches?

When Magento issues a new patch, they often provide instructions on how to install it. However following the instructions from Magento might require a bit more technical expertise than you are conformable with. If you run into difficulty or if the patch is more advanced, talk to your developer about getting it installed for you. Nucleus Support is able and willing to help with security patch installation should you need it.