Our development is broken into two tiers, Level 1 and Level 2. Our Level 2 developers are the ones that handle most of your site problems such as extension installation and configuration, code changes, server issues, and most of your custom development. Our Level 1 agents handle some of the smaller issues and questions that can sometimes take just as much time and effort.

What Does Level 1 Cover?

Level 1 agents are responsible for frontend changes, Magento Admin changes, testing, image swapping, adding javascript snippets, and Magento Admin training.

Frontend Changes

Any frontend changes such as image replacement, stylization changes, and small code edits are handled in Level 1. Our level 1 agents are masters of CSS and can make your site look the way you want, while the Level 2 developers make it function the way you want.

Sample frontend tickets Level 1 can handle are:

  • Changing text on the site
  • Changing the layout or design of an area
  • Fixing logo issues

Magento Admin Training

Level 1 agents will most likely be the ones that answer your Magento Admin questions. We offer training for just about any area in the Admin of your site, as well as cover training for some modules you may need to use.

How is Level 1 Useful?

All Nucleus Support tickets are first reviewed by the Level 1 team. This is when initial research might be done and some of the early communication with the client. If there aren't enough details in the ticket, we will work with the client to clear up any confusion before sending it along to the Level 2 team for development.

We do as much work as possible within Level 1 so that clients get the benefit of the lower hourly rate ($75 for Level 1 vs. $150 for Level 2), but sometimes a ticket will start in Level 1 and then need to be escalated to Level 2. Having a Level 1 agent already involved in your request means you have someone on our team who can provide context to the Level 2 developer who ends up working on it. Often times Level 1 is able to start on a ticket more quickly than the Level 2 team based on ticket volume, so you'll get started sooner and also be farther ahead since they'll have gathered additional information from you on your request.

Some time-consuming requests can be handled by the Level 1 team, so clients can rest assured that if we're able to do testing, research, or troubleshooting at the $75/hour rate rather than sending it to the Level 2 team right away, we will.

In Summary

Level 1 agents are valuable resources for our clients. They have a different skill set than the Level 2 team as Magento Admin experts. Many clients take advantage of the Admin training we offer (see some examples of training sessions below). Our clients also have peace of mind knowing that anything that can be handled by the Level 1 team will be billed at the lower hourly rate.

Some of our Level 1 Training items

  • Create/Manage Simple and Configurable Products
  • Overview of Bundled, Grouped, Downloadable, and Virtual Products
  • Attribute Sets
  • Attribute and Attribute Groups
  • Order Management and Fulfillment
  • CMS Training

Contact us for a complete list of Admin training that is offered.