Are you a Magento merchant wanting access to top-tier support only when you need it? Or maybe you're stuck on a hairy Magento issue? Nucleus Support is an easy to use pay-as-you-go Magento support service that's perfect for you.


The Basics

  • No commitment necessary
  • No prepayment required
  • Initial response time of 8 business hours or less
  • No project management fees

What Nucleus Support Is Good For

  • Level 1 ($75/hour) is good for Magento Admin questions, basic front-end changes and Magento training
  • Level 2 ($150/hour) is good for:
    • Custom front-end and backend development
    • Extension installation, configuration and integration
    • Bug fixes
    • Project-level development built to your specs
  • Urgent assistance is good for issues that need to be addressed immediately during our business hours of Monday-Friday 9-5 CT. Urgent requests are billed at $300/hour.


  • Pay-as-you-go means you don't have to commit to a monthly amount and you only pay for the time you use
  • Tickets are put into a queue and addressed in the order they were received
  • Nucleus Support is managed by Magento Certified staff
  • Time logged to your tickets is rounded to the quarter hour
  • You will be billed weekly for hours logged the previous week to your tickets

We love what we do and are excited to work with you on your journey to eCommerce success! When we asked our clients how satisfied with their tickets they were, this is what they said


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Contact Nucleus Support, call us at (844) 347-7466 or email help@nucleussupport.com.